Lt. Blue’s mettle


The Christian Science Monitor has opened its opinion pages for a powerful tribute to Marine First Lt. Shaun M. Blue by his friend Luke Larson. The Monitor has also posted the audio of an eight-minute interview of Larson by opinion editor Josh Burek. Lt. Blue was killed in Anbar province during his second tour in Iraq on April 16, 2007 and was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star with “V” for valor combat distinguishing device for his service; Luke Larson himself served two tours in Iraq as a Marine lieutenant. The essay covers a lot of territory, from Blue’s officer training to Blue’s home and family in Munster, Indiana, all of it germane to the choices confronting the country in the coming election. (Thanks to Monitor News Director Robert Veneman-Hughes.)

UPDATE: Chris Cook writes:

Luke Larson is a native of the logging town of Forks, Washington. He gave us permission to run his article in our weekly newspaper the Forks Forum. In addition to the article, we have an introduction to the story that tells about Luke’s story and his family in Forks here.

Chris is editor of the Forum.


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