Michael Yon’s witness

The New York Post has published a good review by J.R. Michael — a/k/a Greyhawk of the Mudville Gazette — of Michael Yon’s Moment of Truth in Iraq. Michael’s review is “Expert witness.” Michael writes:

Liberals who claim Yon is biased will be surprise[d] to know that the journalist’s confrontations with the US Army – over the Farah photo and criticism of leadership – nearly prevented his return to Iraq. Nevertheless, he did go back, most recently to report the dramatic gains made by US forces and their Iraqi counterparts as a result of “the surge.”

While in Baghdad he captured another iconic photo – Muslims and Christians rebuilding St John’s church in the Dora district. “The most wonderful thing to see was how hard the Muslim neighbors worked to get the church reopened. Local Muslims invited me to see the reopening; they wanted Americans to know they protect Christians in their neighborhood,” Yon explains.

You may never have seen either of those pictures before. If so, you are not alone. “American combat soldiers don’t want pity.” Yon says, “They’re ready to fight to the end; they just don’t want it to be for naught. They have been fighting for two nations, one of which didn’t seem to notice. The Iraqis noticed.”

“We can win this war,” Yon declares. “And if we do it will be a victory of the same magnitude as the fall of the Soviet Union. It will not be a victory for the Republican Party. It will not be a victory for America and Great Britain and others ‘against’ Iraq. It will be a victory for freedom and justice. It will be a victory for Iraqis and for the world, and only then will it be a victory for us.”


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