Reverend Lee, part 2

I wrote yesterday about Reverend Eric Lee’s anti-Semitic diatribe. It seemed to me notable in several respects. The diatribe came at an event honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King. As head of the Los Angeles chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Reverend Lee was the event’s keynote speaker; his diatribe came in the course of his keynote speech. He aimed the diatribe at the Jew closest to hand (Daphna Ziman), who had just received Kappa Alpha Psi’s Tom Bradley Award at the event. Reverend Lee is an Obama supporter, and his speech bore a certain kinship with the thoughts of Barack Obama’s spiritual mentor.

Roger Simon has now posted two updates to his report on Reverend Lee (both available at the link). In the first, Reverend Lee compounds the damage. In the second, Reverend Lee apologizes to Ms. Ziman for “any comments I have made have caused you pain and distress. It was never my intent to insult you or the Jewish community, with whom I have a respected and long standing relationship….”


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