Soak the Rich?

It always seems like a no-brainer to the Democrats: we’ll promise to take some money from the “rich” and give it to those most likely to vote for us; how could it go wrong? But those pesky voters–what’s the matter with Kansas?–don’t think it’s quite so simple.

Rasmussen reports that by 65% to 16%, likely voters oppose the Democrats’ scheme to increase capital gains taxes. That’s partly because lots of people pay capital gains, and partly because many voters have figured out that the Dems may come first for the “rich,” but they’ll be coming for them, too, before long: 60% say that a candidate who promises to hike taxes on capital gains will raise other taxes, as well. And a considerable number of voters have a better grasp of economics than Democratic politicians; 52% say that increasing capital gains would hurt the economy.

So the Democrats may soon be asking, not just what’s wrong with Kansas, but what’s wrong with America? Not that that would be much of a departure.


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