The audacity of the real “Audacity”

Stanley Kurtz is on a search to discover the authentic text of the Jeremiah Wright sermon that brought Barack Obama over to Reverend Wright’s church, as Obama recounts in Dreams From My Father. Obama recalls Wright condeming this world “where white folks’ greed runs a world in need.” Kurtz argues:

A longer and decidedly more political text [than one posted online last month], can be found in What Makes You So Strong? Sermons of Joy and Strength From Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. The “Audacity to Hope” sermon reprinted in that volume may not be precisely what Obama himself first heard, but it does seem significantly closer to the original than the text posted last month at

Kurtz has suffered on behalf of his readers to take us a step closer to the sermon that inspired Obama. Kurtz proceeds with reasonable speculation to illuminating conclusions.


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