Why not him? part deux

Minnesota Democratic senatorial candidate Al Franken titled his mock memoir of a presidential campaign Why Not Me?. Over the past few weeks, with his failure to pay workers’ compensation insurance in New York and his failure to file corporate tax returns in California, he has begun to answer the question he asked in the title of that book. Now the Star Tribune reports that Franken owes $70,000 in back taxes in 17 states.

Since the expiration of the Al Franken decade in 1990, the only kind of humor for which Franken has been responsible is unintentional. Assuming Franken’s tax delinquencies are the result of negligence, they would run true to his post-Franken decade form.

Lacking good material, Franken and his staff have assiduously hidden him from the press. No humor intended, last week one of Franken’s spokesmen explained Franken’s unavailability: “Al spent the week doing an economy tour of the state.”

Via reader John Randall.

JOHN adds: Publicity about Franken’s business troubles undoubtedly accounts, in large part, for the fact that Rasmussen now finds Norm Coleman leading him by seven points. With this third strike now in the news, it is hard to escape the conclusion that Franken is either a scofflaw or an incompetent.


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