A cunning stunt, part 2

In “A cunning stunt,” we posted Jim Hoft’s report regarding the dirty trick played on John McCain at a town hall meeting last week by Obama supporter Marty Parrish. Parrish has been described in reports about the incident as a Baptist minister. We doubt it. At the conclusion of our post, John Hinderaker added: “If that jerk is a Baptist minister, I’m the Pope.”

Late last night we recevied a two-word message from Parrish with the heading “Hi.” The message reads: “Pope John.” In other words, Parrish asserts that he is a Baptist minister. In his interview with John Gibson (audio below, via Johnny Dollar’s Place), Parrish describes himself as “a licensed Baptist minister.” He does not even claim to be an ordained minister. He appears to be a politically active Iowa businessman. I’ve written Parrish to ask him where he was ordained and what church he serves.

In the audio clip above, Parrish also claims an affiliation with the First Baptist Church of West Memphis, Arkansas. The church’s site is here. The church has posted this statement: “Marty Parrish is an inactive member of our church. He is not a minister of this church or any other church.”

I called Pastor Ron Kirkland of the First Baptist Church this morning to confirm that the Web site and the statement are the church’s. Pastor Kirkland took my call and graciously explained that the church had been inundated with inquiries since Parrish’s stunt. Pastor Kirkland confirmed that the site and the statement on it are his church’s.

Pastor Kirkland patiently explained that Parrish had been a teen-age member of the church and expressed an interest in becoming a minister. The church issues “licenses” as a form of encouragement to young members who express such an interest. Pastor Kirkland stated that the license confers no authority or standing whatsoever. Although he believes Parrish was licensed by the church — the church keeps no record of such licenses — Pastor Kirkland concluded that Parrish’s holding himself out as a Baptist minister is “erroneous.”

The HOLY FATHER adds: Anyone who thinks a Baptist minister would use the word “cunning” in public needs to spend more time around Baptist ministers.

My wife notes that Parrish appears to have a financial motive for his stunt. His web site says:

I’m Broke

My job with the Biden campaign ended abruptly January 8, 2008.

I have less than $100 in my GFT Forex account.


Marty Tarrel Parrish

PS. My personal Bank Account is at West Bank, West Des Moines, IA.
The Routing Number is 073903354.
The Account Number is 501229145.

I will have to pay U.S. Government taxes on any individual amounts that exceed $12,000 unless you specifically mark the wire transfer as a gift.

Somehow I doubt that Parrish will have to worry about contributions in excess of $12,000.


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