A sacking long overdue

We’ve written a few times about Robert Malley, an adviser to the Obama campaign who, like several other of his advisers, oozes hostility towards Israel and sympathy for its enemies. The Obama campaign has now sacked Malley after Malley disclosed that he has held meetings with one of those enemies, Hamas. Malley, in fact, has been in regular contact with Hamas, and has never concealed that fact.

As Ed Lasky notes, in the past the Obama campaign has attempted to downplay Malley’s role, stating that he is “one of hundreds of people who have sent in advice to the campaign.” However, media sources like the Washington Post and Newsweek have refused to buy this claim, placing Malley on relatively short lists of Obama foreign policy advisers.

It’s now clear that the Obama campaign was being disingenuous. After all, you can’t sack someone who is merely sending you emails.

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