Celtics ape Wizards defense

In this post, I described how the Washington Wizards figured out how to stop Lebron James, at least on one final, game-deciding play. Their approach consisted of a matador defense, culminating in the last man turning his back to James.

Yesterday, the Boston Celtics used the same defense against James at the end of their opening play-off game with Cleveland, and with the same result. The Cavs were down by two points with time running out when James drove to the basket. James Posey turned his back and made a little contact. James missed the shot. Game effectively over.

Overall, Boston had better luck with James than the Wizards ever have. He went only 2-18 yesterday. Even more amazing is that Cleveland was in a position to tie the game, at Boston, in the final seconds.

If James doesn’t come roaring back, I’ll be surprised.


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