Don’t get me to the church on time

Several readers wrote in response to “Motor City madness” yesterday that the video of the encounter of Detroit City Council member Monica (Mrs. John) Conyers was no longer available in our original post. Reader Corky Boyd kindly found us another video via Son of Baldwin.

On Tuesday the Wall Street Journal’s Katherine Rosman caught up with the lesson in civility Mrs. Conyers had received from 13-year-old Keiara Bell. When reading of the close division on the Detroit City Council between supporters and opponents of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s continued service as mayor, one somehow knew that Mrs. Conyers would turn out to be, as she in fact is, one of Kilpatrick’s key supporters. The Journal also editorialized on the controversy over Mayor Kilpatrick’s continued service in “Lying about sex.”

Today’s news includes a report on the pundits’ consensus that Mayor Kilpatrick will probably not be campaigning with Barack Obama this fall. I would add only that Obama will probably not be appearing on Father Michael Pfleger’s pulpit this fall either, or in the pews of Trinity United Church, the scene of Father Pfleger’s recent disgraceful tirade regarding Hillary Clinton and the unbearable whiteness of evil.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin compiles a roster of “All of Barack Obama’s men of bad faith.”

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