Is this book really necessary?

When Scott McClellan was the president’s press secretary, I usually winced when I heard him speak. The wincing finally ended when Tony Snow replaced McClellan.

Now, with the publication of his new book, we get the chance to wince once more. It’s an opportunity I intend to pass up.

It will be interesting, though, to compare the degree to which the MSM reviews and reports on McClellan’s book with the negligible extent to which it has reviewed and reported on Douglas Feith’s inside look at the conduct of the war on terrorism during the first Bush 43 administration.

JOHN adds: McClellan was a lousy press secretary. A much better spokesman, Tony Snow, once told me that the best thing about his job was the opportunity to follow President Bush around and observe his conduct of the Presidency. Tony said that he came away with a deep appreciation of President Bush’s character, judgment and knowledge of the issues. Unless McClellan can come up with some facts to back up his claims–facts have been notably absent from the press accounts I’ve seen of his book–I think Tony’s assessment is considerably more reliable.

PAUL adds: McClellan’s predecessor as press secretary, the far more able Ari Fleischer, wrote a book about his time in the post. Rich Noyes at Newsbusters reminds us that Fleischer’s book went virtually unnoticed by the MSM.


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