Running interference for Obama, part 2

Last night John Hinderaker noted the really outrageous misrepresentations in the New York Times story by Larry Rohter taking John McCain to task for pointing out that Hamas has expressed support for Obama. John prefaced the substance of his post with the observation that the media are in the tank for Obama. Examples of media interference for Obama already abound and will multiply like the fruit fly.

As the Newsweek cover story by Richard Wolffe and Obama demonstrates, it would be absurd to think that the Times story will come close to the worst that the mainstream media will serve up in the course of the campaign. It may nevertheless not be too soon to speculate that the Newsweek cover story will be a contender for the title. Mark Salter eloquently responds to the story here.

Like Rohter’s Times story, the Newsweek story also covers for Obama on Hamas’s expression of support for him. Jim Geraghty notes that Newsweek forgets to inform readers “what prompted McCain’s campaign to suggest that Obama is the candidate of Hamas.” Geraghty cruelly adds that “one of [Obama’s] advisers, Rob Malley, was holding meetings with Hamas, and Obama’s promised to hold unconditional face-to-face presidential summits with the guy who’s funding and encouraging Hamas.” Geraghty also weighs in on the Newsweek story here.

AFP caption: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s president (L) pledges funds to Khaled Meshaal, the leader of Hamas.

Commenting on the distinction that Obama vehemently observes between Iran and Hamas, Geraghty is unconstrained by the norms that Newsweek seeks to impose: “Obama contends a face-to-face summit with the guy on the left is long overdue; a face-to-face summit with the guy on the right is crazy talk.”


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