The Democrats Can Dish It Out…

…but they think it should be illegal for them to have to take it. The Left has turned the 527, issue-oriented organizations that can place ads without any limit on contributions, like and ACT, into its most potent political tool. This year, conservatives are trying to get into the 527 game, most notably through Freedom’s Watch. Now, the Washington Times reports on the Democrats’ effort to “chase [Freedom’s Watch] from the political playing field:”

The DCCC has … filed complaints arguing that Freedom’s Watch and the NRCC coordinated their campaigns, which would violate federal laws, has charged that the group goes beyond the activities allowed by IRS code, and this week filed a complaint that Freedom’s Watch didn’t file the right forms from its ads in Louisiana.

Freedom’s Watch said the forms were filed, and the FEC has been slow to post them. Both Freedom’s Watch and the NRCC said the collaboration charge is wrong.

In addition to its legal challenges, the Democrats have sent out mailings attacking the chief contributor to Freedom’s Watch, multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Somewhat laughably, the Dems try to tie Adelson to “forced abortions” because he has business interests in China. They also attack Adelson on the ground that his fortune comes largely from casinos.

What is going on here, it seems, is the Democrats’ effort to institutionalize their enormous financial advantage over Republicans. Most rich people who care about politics are on the Left, and the Democrats have also mastered internet fundraising better than the Republicans. As a result, it is a given, for the foreseeable future, that in every important race the Democrats will have more money than the Republicans. Republicans can’t match the Left’s financial resources, but groups like Freedom’s Watch can help narrow the gap somewhat. Hence the Dems’ outrage at having their supremacy challenged.

The jealousy with which the Democrats guard their financial superiority is indicated by an over-the-top email that the Democratic National Committee sent to the party faithful this morning. It noted that John McCain is holding a fundraiser tonight:

While we’re choosing our nominee, the Republican machine is working their way across the country, raising money and expanding their bank accounts.

What are they going to do with that money? Attack. As soon as we have our nominee, they’ll unleash a flood of expensive negative attacks to try to define our candidate.

That’s why we have to be ready for anything — we can’t let them Swift Boat us right out of the gate.
Everywhere John McCain goes his handlers are organizing fundraising receptions, catering to special interests and lobbyists. It’s straight out of the George Bush and Karl Rove playbook.

While our primary continues, we can’t afford to let John McCain and the Republican machine get a financial advantage. Help us and our nominee stay competitive.

The idea of John McCain having a “financial advantage” is ludicrous; Barack Obama, the greatest money machine in American political history, has out-raised him more than three to one. That’s an advantage the Democrats obviously have no intention of surrendering.


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