We’re Glad He Clarified That

We noted yesterday that the Barack Obama campaign arrogantly dismissed John McCain’s suggestion that the two candidates go to Iraq together. This morning, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs clarified that Obama isn’t necessarily averse to traveling to Iraq–he was there once, for two days in 2006–it’s just that he and McCain have different agendas when they talk to our commanders and soldiers there:

You know, I don’t think we’ll be taking that trip with John McCain, because, as Senator Obama said yesterday, the work that the men and women in our military are doing over there is just far too important for them to be props in some sort of political stunts or photo-op.

You know, what they’re doing over there is separated from their families, giving for their country. It’s truly, truly amazing.

And I think we would want to go over there and talk to them and see what sort of difficulties they’re facing and see how it is that we can begin to carefully remove them and carefully bring them back to their families and bring them back to the United States.

This is consistent with the Democrats’ irrational commitment to failure. Obama won’t go to Iraq to size up the situation; to get our commanders’ ideas on how to bring the mission to a successful conclusion; to hear from the thousands of service members who would tell him that their mission is critically important and should not be abandoned. No: the only reasons Obama can imagine for going to Iraq are to “see the difficulties” our troops are facing and to determine how to “carefully” bring the troops–all of them, seemingly–home. In defeat.

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