Wherever green is worn

Joe Malchow reports that in an email sent Wednesday afternoon to members of the Dartmouth class of 1985, Mark Byrne (‘85 and Tuck ’86) and Patrick Byrne (‘85) of the billionaire Byrne family tell classmates that they have decided that the Board-packing plan proposed last September by Chairman Ed Haldeman and his five-person Governance Committee is “radical,” “heavy-handed,” and “undemocratic.” The Byrnes urge election of the pro-parity slate of candidates for the Dartmouth Association of Alumni, among whom is our own Paul Mirengoff. Joe’s post includes additional information about the Byrnes as well as the text of their email message.

Joe adds that the Byrnes have not to his knowledge take a position on Dartmouth politics before, but that they do recognize a sore loser when they see one. Perhaps they also recall the comparable episode in American history, when President Roosevelt proposed the “reorganization of the judiciary” in March 1937.

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