Delahunt Bobs, Weaves, Lies

Mark Levin’s radio show caught up with disgraced Congressman Bill Delahunt to ask him about his expression of solidarity with al Qaeda against the Bush administration, which we wrote about here, here, here and here. Unfortunately, on Levin’s show Delahunt simply repeated the same incredible tale that he told shortly after his encounter with David Addington. Here is the audio:

To see how ridiculous Delahunt’s excuse is, let’s reproduce his exchange with Addington:

DELAHUNT: Was waterboarding one of them?

ADDINGTON: That’s what I’m answering, because I know where you’re headed. As I indicated to the chairman at the beginning of this thing, I’m not in a position to talk about particular techniques, whether they are or aren’t used or could or couldn’t be used or their legal status.

And the reasons I would give for that, if you’ll look at, I think, Exhibit 9, the president’s speech of September 6, 2006, explains why he doesn’t talk about what particular techniques…

DELAHUNT: Oh, I can understand why he doesn’t talk about it.

ADDINGTON: But you’ve got to communicate with Al Qaeda. I can’t talk to you. Al Qaeda may watch “C-SPAN.”

DELAHUNT: Right. Well, I’m sure they are watching and I’m glad they finally have a chance to see you, Mr. .

ADDINGTON: I’m sure you’re pleased.

DELAHUNT: Given your penchant for being unobtrusive.

Delahunt’s excuse is obviously a lie. He and Addington were talking about the fact that, because al Qaeda may be watching CSpan, Addington does not want to discuss specific interrogation techniques. Delahunt now claims that he meant to say, “Right. Well, I’m sure they [al Qaeda] are watching and I’m glad I finally have a chance to see you, Mr. Addington.” That sentence makes no sense. Obviously, the people who are “watching”–al Qaeda–are the people who Delahunt is “glad” to have a chance finally to see Addington.

If hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue, the kind of transparent lying that Bill Delahunt is now engaged in is perhaps the tribute that crazed partisanship pays to the patriotism of the American people. It is sad that we have vicious haters like Bill Delahunt in Congress, but it is good that when the mask slips for a moment, and viewers can see how they really think, haters like Delahunt have no recourse but to lie.

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