Dude, let’s think about Iran

I wrote here about the “J Street deception,” wherein a collection of leftists with a history of harsh criticism of Israel seeks to represent the “sensible mainstream of pro-Israel American Jews” who, they claim, have been ill-served by AIPAC, the main pro-Israel lobby in the U.S. As I noted, AIPAC fully reflects mainstream Jewish thinking in this country about Israel, making the J Street project something of a fool’s errand, except to the exent that its founders wish to launch a fringe group.

But that is not their wish. Accordingly, recognizing that mainstream American Jews are more than a bit concerned about Iran, J Street has announced that it “is keeping an eye out for ways for us to advocate for a smart and tough approach to Iran.” We can all sleep better now.

Yet one might well ask, as Noah Pollak does, how a group hoping to compete with AIPAC could have launched itself without first looking into the small matter of Iran.

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