Haditha: A Retrospective

We’ve written from time to time about the Haditha “massacre,” which is now joining Jenin on the roster of massacres that never happened. Seven out of seven prosecutions of Marines arising out of the incident have now collapsed. Haditha was, to be sure, a tragedy; a tragedy caused by the terrorists who have attacked our soldiers and Marines in Iraq. But it now seems clear that whatever else it may have been, it was no willful massacre.

Which means that Mad Jack Murtha and others who rushed to judge the Marines guilty–Murtha on the basis of alleged inside information that never materialized–owe the Marines a giant-sized apology. It hasn’t been forthcoming from Mad Jack, however. When he’s been approached on the subject, his reaction has been to flee to the nearest elevator. Michael Ramirez pinpoints the real assassination that is going on here–the character assassination of Marines by the disgraceful likes of Mad Jack Murtha. Click to enlarge:



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