Let’s not kill all the lawyers

Rochelle Olson reports that convicted killer Revelle Loving tackled and punched his defense lawyer as he was led into the courtroom in Minneapolis this afternoon to receive his mandatory life sentence without parole for two first degree murders. The attack left defense attorney William (Butch) Selman with a bruised and swollen face. Minnesota needs a death penalty to deal with the likes of Revelle Loving. Life without parole does not fairly administer justice to Loving on behalf of the victims he cut down in cold blood with an AK-47.

Loving’s attack on Selman did not deter him from doing his work on behalf of Loving this afternoon. He commented after the hearing, “We’re disappointed in the jury’s verdict. We respect their decision. We just disagree with the verdict.” He said he did not want to talk about the attack, the first visited upon him by a client in his twenty years at the defense bar. Despite visible redness and swelling on the right side of his face, Selman said he didn’t intend to see a doctor. “I’m an ex-hockey player,” he explained, earning a salute for his sportsmanship as well as his professionalism.

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