McCain Does Minneapolis

Did we have a slow day today, or what? The law business is seriously interfering with our hobby. Today, for me at least, politics interfered too.

John McCain was in town for a big event at the Minneapolis Hilton and a town hall appearance in St. Paul. My wife and I waited for an hour and a half for a photo with the candidate; as so often happens, he was running late. I figured I’d have ten seconds with him, so I wanted to choose my words carefully. I decided to introduce my wife and myself, and say, “Global warming is b***s***.” That seemed like the most meaningful message I could convey in the short time available.

In the event, the line moved with startling efficiency. My ten second estimate turned out to be generous–it was closer to five–and I didn’t have the nerve to try to impart any public policy wisdom. He seemed sincere, though, when he thanked us for our contribution.

At the dinner that followed, we were fortunate to have a front-row seat. My wife took this photo on her iPhone during McCain’s talk.


I had hoped that McCain would continue his energy-initiative-per-day pace by coming out for Rocky Mountain shale oil development, but that didn’t happen. McCain said nothing newsworthy, but his evident sincerity and his commitment to reform, economic growth and national security had the crowd on its feet. I went away feeling the same way as when we started: it’s much too early to know what’s going to happen in November, but if I had to guess now, I think McCain will win.

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