Soccer? Heck No, Tap Dancing!

A lot of interesting people pass through our house, not all of whom inhabit the world of politics. One of our favorite recent guests was Jason Samuels Smith, one of the world’s top tap dancers. (Our youngest daughter is a dancer.) If you thought that dance is for sissies, Jason would quickly disabuse you of that notion. Here he is on a TV show called “So You Think You Can Dance:”

I like this one, which is actually a shoe commercial:

Jason is a nice young man, excellent at working with younger kids. If you get a chance to see him, don’t miss it. There is, if you didn’t know it–I certainly wouldn’t have, but for my daughter–a world-wide tap revival in progress. Top dancers like Jason and the delightful Dianne Walker are in demand just about everywhere around the globe. If you’re in the vicinity, check them out.

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