Spain vs. Germany

The Milwaukee Brewers snapped the Twins’ ten-game winning streak last night, so maybe I’ll find some time to catch the soccer final between Spain and Germany, which is televised around the same time as today’s Twins game. Paul has written extensively about this year’s Euro soccer tournament, but I’ve remained skeptical about the sport. After reading this article about the level of interest in the match in Germany, however, I’m starting to think there may be something to soccer after all:

PAUL adds: We love converts, so I’ll overlook the fact that John read (or maybe skimmed) dozens of soccer posts by me and saw no merit in the sport, only to be won over by a few paragrapsh on Breitbart’s site. Maybe it was the pretty girl.

The match begins in three hours. Spain will be without top scorer David Villa. Germany may or may not have Michael Ballack, their one super-star.

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