The farce continues, Part Three

John and Scott have already noted and commented upon the statement of Rep. Bill Delahunt (D-Mass.) to David Addington during a televised congressional hearing that he was “glad [al-Qaeda] finally have a chance to see you.” I’ll limit my comments to the coverage of this extraordinary statement by the Washington Post.

That coverage was limited. The partisan Dan Eggen, who did the primary reporting on the hearing for the Post, didn’t mention Delahunt’s deplorable comment at all. Dana Milbank, the Post’s clown prince, called the comment a “joke[]” and devotes his piece to complaining about how nasty Addington was. As Scott notes, Delahunt’s defense is not that he was joking, but rather that he doesn’t recall making the remark and was merely trying to express how glad he was to see Addington. Think of the fun Milbank would have if a Republican attempted such a defense.

Are there any limits to the Post’s willingness to cover up for Democrats?

JOHN responds: In the paper’s news pages, no.

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