The Great Seal of Barack Obama


Yesterday Barack Obama rolled out his very own seal. The New York Daily News reports the comments of the Obama and McCain campaigns in “Barack Obama appears with personalized presidential seal.” As the Daily News notes, the Seal of Barack Obama bears an uncanny resemblance to the presidential seal, though it incorporates the Obama campaign graphic and a nifty new Latin motto: “Vero Possumus.” Andrew Malcolm helps with the translation of the Latin motto. Malcolm explains:

The seal’s…got a terrifically impressive motto in Latin — “Vero Possumus” — which means “The possum speaks truthily.”

No, just kidding. It actually means “Truly we’re able” which translates as “Si se puede” which translates as “Yes, we can.”

Malcolm adds:

Plus it’s got Obama’s website right up there too. Lord knows, he needs more donations because the poor White Sox fan from Chicago’s impoverished South Side has only raised a little under $290 million so far.

I think the campaign may have missed a beat with “Vero Possumus.” My Latin is a little rusty, but I think the Seal of Barack Obama clearly calls for something more along the lines of “Obamanum Credimus.” You know, “We believe in Obama.”

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