The OPEC Congress

Thomas Pyle, President of the Institute for Energy Research, made this interesting observation today:

Members of Congress have been questioning witnesses and pounding podiums for the news cameras, but they have done nothing to increase American oil production by even one single barrel. Families are paying the price of Washington’s willful refusal to do what we all know must be done.

American taxpayers own the federal lands, and they own the vast energy resources that lie beneath them too. If the federal government continues to withhold these supplies, how is it any different from OPEC?

Good point. OPEC is a cartel whose members agree to limit production to keep gas prices artificially high. They think this is in their economic interest. I understand their motives, but why would Democrats in the U.S. government want to enable OPEC’s fleecing of the American consumer by joining in the effort to limit production?

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