A note on the Indian bombings

One of our faithful readers writes to comment on John Hinderaker’s post “More bombings in India.” Our reader writes:

Thanks for covering the bombing in Ahmadabad, India. That is my home town – I grew up there and one of the hospital bombed was where I did my internship. The bombing locations are also close to where I grew up.

You mentioned Narendra Modi – who is the chief minister of Gujarat State where the bombings occurred. He was re elected recently with almost 80 percent of the vote in the state. He is extremely respected in the state – he is a simple man without any corruption or skeletons. Gujarat has a population of over 40 million, Ahmadabad is its main city with a population of over six million people. I have family there.

The U.S. has refused to give him visa for a visit for several years now, because of the riots in that state in 2001-2002. These riots started because the Muslims burned a train full of Hindus returning from pilgrimage, including women and children. Modi was blamed for not stopping the revenge riots.

Now, CAIR has lodged its objection to granting a visa to Mr. Modi. It has also pressured various organizations to rescind their invitations to Mr. Modi to speak. Under pressure by these Muslim groups, the U.S. has refused to grant Mr. Modi a visa, even though he is an elected Chief Minister of a major state in India and has been invited by multiple organizations to come to the U.S. and give speeches.

They hit the city of Banglore yesterday and another city (Jodhpur, I believe) a few days ago. The Muslim Jihadists have now declared a war against India. The fact is, terrorism is alive and well in the other parts of the world, almost all of it by Muslims. If this fact is covered more maybe Americans will wake up.

The International Business Times has posted a brief news story noting CAIR’s letter to Secretary Rice supporting the denial of a visa to Modi, and there is a little more information on the issue here.

UPDATE: Our reader adds:

A couple of corrections are in order. The population of Gujarat is now over 50 million and Ahmadabad is now a city of 12 million. I was behind by a couple of years. However I was correct about 80 percent of the vote for Narendra Modi and his ongoing popularity in this state of 50-million people.

Yesterday two car bombs were found in Surat and another car bomb in Ahmadabad. Fortunately these did not go off.

According to my nephew the strategy of the terrorist is to start communal riots, like they did in Iraq. They have targeted mainly Hindu-populated areas in the states where BJP is elected government.

They also have an al Qaeda-like strategy. At the civil hospital they blasted a smaller bomb and followed it up by a larger one when people gathered at the emergency room, killing about 45 people including four doctors. Now, Mr. Modi has called the Army and imposed curfews.

Another reader writes to offer a corrective:

Narendra Modi is very likely responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent Muslims, including the local MP from Mahatma Gandhi’s Congress Party. The current attacks appear to be Muslim revenge for Modi’s killings. Modi is India’s Milosevic.

It was a mistake for the US to be duped for decades by Pakistani diplomats into supporting their devious and corrupt government. But it would be as much or more mistaken for the US now to “get in bed” with Hindu fanatics (nor is the Indian Congress party ‘clean’ either, unfortunately). Modi’s Gujarat in particular has many disturbing parallels to 1930’s Germany. Please see this and this. Or google ‘Tehelka, Modi’ for more.

The subcontinent’s affairs are often so complicated that outsiders are easily deceived by self-appointed ‘commentators’ pushing an agenda. This may perhaps be the only case where CAIR is quite right. We western libertarian/democrat/conservatives should be as anti-Modi as they are, if not more.

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