Tomorrow night Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito will fight for the WBA welterweight title in one of the year’s most anticipated bouts. I asked my son, who is a more knowledgeable fight fan than me, to preview the match:

Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito are fighting for the welterweight championship on Saturday night from the MGM Grand Garden Arena. This is probably the most anticipated fight of the year, as Cotto is considered a top 5 contender for the pound for pound title, while Margarito is an extremely powerful puncher. Cotto is 32-0 with 26 kos while Margarito is 36-5 with 25 kos.

One subplot is the lineage of great fights between Mexicans and Puerto Ricans, with Cotto being from PR and Margarito being from Mexico. It’s expected to be a close fight with lots of inside action and a fast pace. Cotto is the favorite, but Margarito is a legitimate #1 challenger. If no one can get Mayweather to fight Cotto, this is the second best fight that could be made in any weight class. It’s likely that Cotto will win, but he’ll also likely have to endure a tougher fight than he ever has before. It’s possible Margarito could stop him.

Margarito is four inches taller than Cotto with a six-inch reach advantage. His record is also a bit deceiving, as three of his losses came when he was a teenager. This is one of a number of promo videos on YouTube:

The fight will be broadcast on HBO pay per view.

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