Don’t Let Them Fake It

Senate Republicans have taken a strong stand on energy: they won’t cooperate in bringing legislation on any other topic to the floor until the Democrats allow a vote on expanding our domestic energy supplies. Mitch McConnell says:

We think there is nothing more important that we can do right now than to deal with the Number One issue of the country. This is the biggest issue since terrorism right after 9/11. People are pounding on their desks, saying, Why don’t these people get together and do something about this problem?

Yesterday the Republicans put that principle into action, blocking the Democrats’ silly “anti-speculation” legislation because the Democrats would not permit votes on amendments that would expand drilling for oil and gas. The cloture vote was almost perfectly party-line, highlighting the fact that the Republicans want to expand domestic energy supplies, but the Democrats don’t.

After the vote, a frustrated Harry Reid lashed out at reporters.

The Democrats’ delusion that they can somehow regulate the global oil market is one more sign that they are living in the past.

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