Happy down under too

Dominic Puiu writes from Bondi Junction, NSW, Australia in response to our posts here and here about the University of Leicester national Happiness Index and the pseudonymous Spengler’s computation of national happiness based on plotting fertility rates versus suicide rates. Mr. Puiu comments:

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the suicide rates in Australia is just above 11 per 100,000 and the fertility rate is just above 1.84 per 100,000. By my reckoning this puts Australia third on the list after the USA. Australia is an industrialised nation of over 20 million people, so I am surprised it was not included in the analysis.

Mr. Puiu adds:

Thanks for the Powerline blog. You and James Lileks put Minnesota on the map for people like me. It is reasonable to say that were it not for these two blogs, all I would know about your State is that Muslim taxi drivers at Minneapolis airport sought to refuse to carry people with alcohol. Needless to say I know a lot more than that now.

And thanks to Mr. Puiu I know now where Bondi Junction is.

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