John Kasich for vice president?

Readers may recall that I’m a bit down on the prospect of John McCain finding a running mate who will do him more good than harm. However, one person who might fit this description is John Kasich. He was a popular nine-term Congressman from Ohio, a state Republicans desperately need to carry. And he’s originally from western Pennsylvania, another key area.

Kasich seems to possess a blue collar appeal that his party desperately needs. To be sure, he was never a Senator or a Governor, but he held a leadership position in the House, serving as Chairman of the Budget Committee. He was also a key figure in passing welfare reform. Thus, Kasich would seem to possess credibility when it comes to economic issues.

Kasich has his own show, “Heartland,” on Fox News. He’s good on television and his performances reinforce my belief that, more than anyone else being mentioned on the Republican side, he projects an authenticity that will appeal to what we used to call “the common man.”

I’ve been mentioning Kasich for months to folks who follow Republican politics. In a few cases, the reaction has been vaguely negative with the suggestion (as I interpret it) that Kasich is a bit flakey.

As with any potential running mate, Kasich would need to be vetted carefully. But assuming he passes that process, I see more plusses than minuses here.

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