Miss Universe 2008

The finale of the 2008 Miss Universe pageant is a week from tomorrow night. It will take place in, of all places, Vietnam. One could draw, perhaps, some lessons from that.

The official site, linked above, is pretty good. It follows the same format as the last year or two, with photos, an interview and a video of each contestant. Overall, the field doesn’t seem as strong as in some recent years, but as always there are some excellent contenders. The betting favorite is Miss Venezuela. No argument there; click to enlarge:

I’m dubious, though, about a number of the other betting favorites, who are, in order, Mexico, India, Panama, Puerto Rico and the U.S. You can check them out at the pageant site by pulling down the “Select a contestant” menu on the left side. I’d offer some alternatives, like Angola and Argentina:

Miss Angola’s answer to the question, What is something unique that has happened to you? “I was in an airplane crash, escaping from an invasion in my city, during the civil war.” That ought to be worth a point or two. Also, Aruba and Croatia:

There are lots more, but for now let’s add Miss Ecuador and Miss Finland:

If you weren’t paying close attention, that was alphabetical order, and it only goes up to “F.” So stay tuned!

PAUL wonders: Are Miss Ecuador and Miss Finland sisters?

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