MPR News asks: What course would you set for the GOP?

Minnnesota Public Radio assistant producer Anna Weggel writes:

The Republican Party is at a crossroads. An unpopular president is on the way out, and the party’s election-year hopes are pinned to a candidate who sometimes strays from the party line. With the convention coming up and the GOP seeking the public input on their platform outline, we want to know: Where would you steer the party? And how was your Republican identity shaped?

To share your thoughts and your story, please visit What is the future of the Republican Party? Please contact Molly Bloom at mbloom [at] mpr [dot] org with any questions, thoughts or concerns.

President Bush is still relatively popular among Republicans from whom MPR hopes to hear, but the reference to his unpopularity by Ms. Weggel is not unfair. President Bush’s unpopularity contributes to the enormous electoral challenge facing Republicans in the fall and to the interest of a project such as MPR’s.

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