Off to ANWR

Someone, somewhere, may have more energy than our friend Michele Bachmann, who represents Minnesota’s 6th District in Congress. But I haven’t yet met such a dynamo. Michele has delved deeply into the energy issue, and has become a leading spokeswoman for developing our domestic energy resources and reducing the price of gasoline.

Now, Michele is off to ANWR with several House colleagues. Their trip is intended to draw attention to ANWR as an ideal place to drill for oil. Michele writes:

Let’s be clear about this. The Coastal Plain of ANWR, also known as the 1002 Area, is neither wilderness nor refuge. It was set aside by Congress and President Carter in 1980 for future oil development. Development would be limited to 2000 acres of the Coastal Plain or 0.01% of the entire 19.6 million-acre refuge. These lands were set aside for America to produce its own energy resources. What are we waiting for?

ANWR can economically produce over 10 billion barrels of oil. We will try to catch up with Michele when she returns and pass on her observations of one of the planet’s most godforsaken, but potentially useful, corners.

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