Proof of life

Over at Power Line News the Counterterrorism Blog is our blog of the season. It has two interesting posts (here and here) on the dramatic rescue of Ingrid Betancourt, three Americans and 11 other hostages yesterday by the Colombian government yesterday.

The New York Times has a good account of yesterday’s events. The Times notes:

The American ambassador to Colombia, William R. Brownfield, and the United States combatant commander in the region, Adm. James G. Stavridis, were “engaged in the planning stages,” according to Gordon D. Johndroe, the deputy White House press secretary.

This was a Colombian-conceived and led operation; we supported the operation,” he said, adding, “This rescue was long in the planning, and we’ve been working with the Colombians for five years, since the hostages were taken, to free them from captivity.”

At Pajamas Media, Fausta Wertz comments: “The message is clear: Today’s spectacular rescue proves that Colombia, America’s most important ally in the region, is winning its war against terrorism — and winning big.” By my review of the various news accounts, Hugo Chavez apparently could not be reached for comment.

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