The detainee theory of relatively

As John noted below, former Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith testified before the House Judiciary Committee today regarding war-on-terror detainee policy. Due to the demands of my job, I was unable to view his appearance, and I haven’t seen a reliable account of it yet. Feith became a non-person as far as most of the MSM was concerned after he published his enormously informative book, War and Decision, which nearly every major newspaper declined to review. Perhaps he’ll be back in the news tomorrow.

Speaking of terrorist detainee policy, over the weekend I saw a report on NBC News concerning the escape of detainees from a prison in Afghanistan. NBC informed us that the escapees were extremely dangerous individuals. Holding prisoners in Afghanistan isn’t always easy; the Taliban has been successful at times in attacking prison camps.

Perhaps it would have been better to house these prisoners at Gitmo. No one has escaped from that facility, although some have been released prematurely. But if these guys were detained at Gitmo, would they be dangerous terrorists or goat herds in the wrong place at the wrong time?

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