The United States of Song

With a post today on songs of Texas, our old friend Norm Geras of the aptly named Normblog has completed his series of posts on the United States of song. The series is his tribute to the music of America. Norm explains:

It’s a series devoted to listing songs in which the 50 states of the United States of America feature. I’ll start with Alabama and finish with Wyoming. The rules of the series, as decided on by me, specify that a song is eligible for the list for any given state when the name of that state figures in either the song’s title or in its lyric or both….

For each song I give its title, a relevant section of the lyric, and links whenever they are available.

Conducting my own quick quality check, I found Norm passing by virtue of his inclusion of Johnny Cash’s “Big River” among the songs of Minnesota (as well as a great Emmylou Harris catch). The series is a feat to be savored at leisure.

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