They Don’t Know Anything About Baseball, Either

Decades ago, when Paul and I were college friends and roommates, he was the first person I ever heard rip the New York Times. Not because he was a conservative; we were both Commies, more or less, at the time. But Paul, who was then a fan of the Washington Post, thought that the Times was grossly overrated. Among other things, he pointed out that the Times had the worst sports section of any newspaper in America.

Which brings me to today’s NY Times corrections section, which contains this remarkable entry:

Because of an editing error, the baseball standings on Wednesday listed the Yankees twice. They remain where they have always been, in the American League — not also in the National.

It was an “editing error,” which means that some editor changed “Mets” to “Yankees” in the National League East standings. Which is more likely, that the editor is a fanatical Yankees fan who did it in a fit of anti-Mets loyalty, or that he didn’t know that there are two baseball teams in New York? I suspect the latter: it’s sort of like how the paper’s news staff hasn’t figured out that America has two political parties.

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