Tony Snow, RIP


We are deeply saddened to learn of the death of Tony Snow this morning at the outrageously early age of 53. Tony was one of the smartest, wittiest, and most humane men in our public life. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tony and his family.

UPDATE (by Paul): The execrable AP used the occasion of Snow’s death to attack him one last time. It wrote:

With a quick-from-the-lip repartee, broadcaster’s good looks and a relentlessly bright outlook — if not always a command of the facts — he became a popular figure around the country to the delight of his White House bosses.

….. During daily briefings, he challenged reporters, scolded them and questioned their motives as if he were starring in a TV show broadcast live from the West Wing.

Critics suggested that Snow was turning the traditionally informational daily briefing into a personality-driven media event short on facts and long on confrontation. He was the first press secretary, by his own accounting, to travel the country raising money for Republican candidates.

What bothered the AP reporter (and editor, if any) more, Snow’s good looks or the fact that, unlike Scott McClellan, Snow could articulate and defend the administration’s positions? Probably, it was the fact that, with such seeming ease, Snow consistently got the better of the reporters who cover the White House. That cannot be forgiven even in death.

Via Newsbusters.

JOHN adds: Tony Snow was as nice a guy as I’ve met, not just in public life, but anywhere. It’s a tragic loss for his family.

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