War and Peace and the Democrats

The Examiner newspaper has launched a Sunday edition which features an expanded commentary section. My friend Mark Tapscott has asked me to write a column for that section. I’ll be rotating with three other commentators — Byron York, Michelle Bernard, and Sally Pipes, if I understand correctly.

My first column — “War and Peace and the Democrats” — appeared yesterday It’s my attempt to connect Barack Obama’s shiftiness on the war in Iraq to a tradition of dissembling which Bill Clinton commenced and Al Gore and John Kerry emulated.

Obama has taken things further. As I put it, “Clinton, Gore and Kerry took only two positions each on Iraq. . .Obama has held nearly every possible position.”

I’ll dispense with any further summary and proceed to my bottom line:

Barack Obama insists, quite correctly, that his patriotism cannot be judged by whether he wears an American flag lapel pin. But it’s fair enough to measure a politician’s patriotism by whether his positions on crucial questions of war and peace are based on the national interest, not which election the politician has his eyes on. By this standard, recent Democratic presidential nominees, and especially Obama, do not fare well.

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