Wes Clark’s look-at-me moment

Like much that’s going on in the presidential campaign these days, I didn’t find much of interest in Wes Clark’s assessment of the relationship between John McCain’s military service and McCain’s credentials to be president. In view of the astonishing thinness of Obama’s credentials, some wondered what Clark was thinking when he made his comment. The answer is: “I should be president.”

I did find it amusing to hear some liberals challenge those conservatives who were offended by Clark’s remark to explain why they weren’t similarly outraged when the Swiftvets questioned John Kerry’s military record in 2004. The two cases are quite different. If those who were in prison with McCain in North Vietnam were to say that McCain wasn’t really tortured, or to say that McCain went on Hanoi radio to accuse U.S. troops of criminal conduct, then the two cases would become analogous. And then you would have an interesting issue.

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