Why was Obama a no-show at Landstuhl, Part Two

The Washington Post’s front-page story today on Obama’s no-show at Landstuhl was an attack on McCain by Michael Shear and Dan Balz called “McCain Charge Against Obama Lacks Evidence.” The charge in question is the accusation “by McCain and his allies” that Obama skipped the visit because he could not take reporters with him.”

I don’t know what evidence McCain and “his allies” are relying on. However, it seems to me that the facts I cited here — Obama’s campaign’s shifting justifications for the decision, the implausibility of the justification it eventually settled upon, and the timing of the cancellation (not long after the military says it told the campaign the press could not accompany Obama) — constitute circumstantial evidence that the absence of press was a factor in the decision.

I’ve seen civil court cases won on less.

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