A house divided at MSNBC

MSNBC long ago became a joke, but just now it seems to have become entertaining. Politico reports on the internal divisions that have produced some on-air comedy:

In addition to Olbermann, MSNBC personalities Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough and David Shuster were involved in Denver controversies.

On Monday evening, Olbermann interrupted Scarborough while he was talking about McCain being competitive in the polls. “Jesus, Joe, why don’t you get a shovel?” Olbermann remarked.

On “Morning Joe” the following day, a clearly agitated Scarborough went off on Shuster during a discussion of Iraq, which quickly devolved over several cringe-worthy minutes into personal attacks, such as Scarborough telling the world how his colleague missed the show three times by oversleeping. “Are you Rip Van Shuster?” Scarborough asked. “Have you been sleeping for the past couple of months?”

A house divided against itself cannot stand, Lincoln recalled in his famous 1858 convention acceptance speech. It may not necessarily fall, as Lincoln taught, but it will become all one thing or the other. In MSNBC’s case, my guess is that it’s going to become all nuts.

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