An Obama con

One particularly absurd element of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is his insistent call for more of the same in the guise of “change we can believe in.” Perhaps the most frivolous such example is Obama’s call for aggressive diplomatic measures to contain Iran’s nuclear program. Yet the measures he advocates are the same carrots and sticks that have been the cornerstone of the Bush admininistration’s policy over the past several years.

Last weekend, our friend Eric Egland writes in yesterday’s New York Times, Obama dazzled Europeans with his sermon to the Germans: “Discussing international security, he spoke eloquently about needing an American-European partnership to defeat terrorism.” Makes sense. So what’s the problem?

Citing examples within his personal experience while working in military intelligence, Eric points out that we already have a highly successful counterterrorism partnership with the European Union. It’s the partnership cultivated by the Bush administration in the wake of 9/11. Either Obama is unaware of it or he is taking advantage of the ignorance of his audiences. At least in this instance, under the cover of his usual mantra, Obama is advocating a successful Bush administration policy.

JOHN adds: Scott writes, “Either Obama is unaware of it or he is taking advantage of the ignorance of his audiences.” I think both hypotheses are true. Throughout the campaign, Obama has revealed himself to be remarkably ignorant of basic facts that are relevant to current issues. As a Democrat, meanwhile, his strategy is to rely on the ignorance of many voters. So we have an ill-informed candidate leading a “movement” of the ignorant. It us, unfortunately, a powerful combination.

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