Fake Batman foiled by real hero

American Airlines mechanic Craig Stutzman was shopping in a Tulsa grocery story when an armed robber with a Batman mask entered the scene. According to a local news report:

The 44-year-old American Airlines mechanic brawled with an armed man at a Food Pyramid store Thursday, thwarting a robbery, possibly saving lives and putting on a show for the store’s surveillance cameras that looked like a pay-per-view mixed martial arts bout.

“I guess you never know how you’ll react in a situation like that until it happens, but I just went for it,” Stutzman said.

The fight left Stutzman with a swollen jaw and a dozen stitches on his forehead. Police arrived shortly after Stutzman subdued the gun-wielding man, identified by Tulsa police as Tony Leroy Cleveland, 38.

As the Tulsa World reports, when the robber fired his gun at a customer, his gun jammed. Stutzman took that as a cue to jump into action. I rate the video of video of Stutzman’s heroics (above) four stars. John and I give it two thumbs up! More satisfying than “The Dark Knight”!

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