Georgia On His Mind

On Friday the Obama campaign issued a pathetic statement “strongly condemn[ing] the outbreak of violence in Georgia.” Strongly! Obama found no reason to distinguish between Russia and Georgia in strongly condemning the outbreak of violence. Or perhaps he found it too difficult to do so.

Obama has apparently continued to deliberate on the subject. Given some more time to think about it, one can infer from this Reuters story, Obama has made a big decision. Obama has decided that it’s better to sound like John McCain.

JOHN adds: Maybe Obama located Georgia on a map. I would note, though, that even his new, supposedly more aggressive statement calls on the U.N.’s Security Council to “try to help bring about a peaceful resolution.” He also said that the cause of the conflict is “the lack of a neutral and effective peacekeeping force operating under an appropriate UN mandate.” These references to the U.N. as the solution to the problem in Georgia are foolish, since Russia exercises veto power over any United Nations action through its permanent seat on the Security Council.

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