How Did Michelle O. Do? Your Turn

On the AOL News site, the question of the day is whether Michelle Obama’s speech last night advanced her husband’s candidacy. Somewhat to my surprise, the initial response from AOL readers is one of skepticism. You can express your own opinion by voting in the poll.

UPDATE: Some time tomorrow the poll will start over with a new question, so this is a good time to note the results. With around 130,000 votes cast, only 42% say that Michelle Obama’s speech helped her husband’s cause. 58% say it did not. As you would expect, the results vary state by state. Blue state voters are more likely to say the speech helped, but even there the tally tends to run around 50/50. I would think that AOL readers are a pretty typical cross-section of the population, so this poll provides pretty good evidence that, for whatever reason, Michelle Obama’s speech wasn’t viewed by most as a big success.

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