McCain Takes the Lead?

Drudge is headlining this Reuters/Zogby poll, which has John McCain surging to a five-point, 46%-41% lead over Barack Obama among likely voters.

I don’t doubt that McCain has made gains over the last couple of weeks. He obviously performed well in connection with Russia’s invasion of Georgia, while Obama was on vacation. I suspect, too, that more people have figured out that McCain wants to drill for oil and Obama doesn’t. The Reuters/Zogby poll shows McCain with a 9-point lead on the economy. This explains, no doubt, why Obama has started running a grotesquely misleading ad on the economy in several swing states. More on that later.

The big question, obviously, is whether this result is 1) an outlier, 2) a temporary spike for McCain because of Georgia and perhaps other factors, or 3) just one more manifestation of a pro-McCain tide that could lead to a 1980s-style sweep over a nominee, Obama, who is a fundamentally weak candidate.

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