Obama’s Republicans

What is the common thread among the Republicans held out as the stars of “Republicans for Obama” yesterday? Is it that they are at best former Republicans, like the execrable former Senator Lincoln Chaffee? Or is it that they are liberals, like Chaffee and former Rep. Jim Leach? The New York Sun takes an informed look and finds a thread that may have something to do with drawing Chaffee and Rita Hauser to Obama.

UPDATE: Ed Lasky supplements the Sun editorial:

The New York Sun forgot to mention their own editorial from earlier in the year regarding Obama’s affection for Senators Chuck Hagel and Dick Lugar. They share views of the American-Israel relationship that are problematic. Barack Obama has stated that he will consider them for positions in his administration. Also, Rita Hauser serves as a Chairwoman for the Advisory Committee of the International Crisis Group. This is a “think tank” funded by George Soros and thus becomes a stealth partisan group. The ICG gave an award to Soros who, in his acceptance speech, praised the work of the ICG in regards to the “Palestinian question.” The International Crisis Group also is a home for the likes of Robert Malley, Samantha Power, Zbigniew Brzezinski: all people who have played roles in the Obama campaign and who may very well serve in an Obama administration (Samantha Power has said as much at least three times since her “resignation” from the campaign). All, of course, have very mixed records — and that is being diplomatic — on the American-Israel alliance.

The earlier New York Sun editorial cited by Lasky is accessible here.

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