Observations On Tree Frogs

I’m tired of politics, and have been more interested lately in my yard. You may remember the hysteria a few years ago about the “disappearing frogs.” I think I know where they went; they’re in the pond behind my house. Along with vast quantities of leopard frogs and various species of toads, we have a remarkable number of tree frogs. Their numbers seem to have something to do with the proximity of the pond even though, unlike the leopard frogs, they don’t actually hang out there as far as I can tell. They seem to be mostly in my yard, climbing up my windows, and so on. Hundreds of them.

Fortunately, tree frogs are small and cute. They fit in well with the fireflies, bats, deer, coyotes and other wildlife that enliven our summer. For some reason, tree frogs like flowers. Maybe it’s because flowers attract insects that the frogs can eat, but I question that, since a tree frog is no bigger than a bumblebee. My wife likes to grow giant dahlias, which coexist marvelously with tree frogs. I took this photo in front of my house; five tree frogs on a single dahlia. Click to enlarge:

No point to all of this, except that the summer has been so idyllic that I’m starting to feel like a normal American: no politics until after Labor Day!

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