Pajamas TV Launches

Pajamas Media has launched the first-ever internet “television” news network. It’s an exciting project, and we at Power Line will be participating. The current plan is that we’ll have a weekly show.


The Pajamas TV site is here. The network will debut with nightly coverage of the Republican convention, from Monday through Thursday of next week. PJTV will be a subscription service–there are three price levels, all pretty cheap–but a lot of the convention coverage will be available for free. All three of us will be on hand to participate in PJTV’s coverage and also, of course, will be posting here.

Currently, PJTV has posted interviews with several participants, including me.

UPDATE: I notice that currently, you can watch the interviews with James Lileks and Jennifer Rubin for free, but you have to subscribe to see mine. I assume that’s inadvertent…

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